Friday, May 31, 2013

Armchair BEA - Ethics and Non-Fiction

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads.


The things I have learned and am still learning about is giving credit where credit is due. Like the image in my post above, it was created by Nina and I've given credit back to her for the use of the wonderful image while posting about Armchair BEA. Ideas should also be credited back. I use a lot of links when I find that they are needed, when quoting something, paraphrasing, etc. I do find it difficult as sometimes you may have read something somewhere and not remembered where the initial thought/idea came from, so I tend to bookmark a lot of sites if I am researching something so that I can be sure to link back properly. I can't say that I was always this conscious of doing so, but I have learned over time to do it.

Sometimes I even have a habit of linking up other bloggers reviews on books I've reviewed so that others can read more thoughts on books, especially when the thoughts differ from my own.


I actually really enjoy non-fiction books and have been making it a goal to read a handful this year. I tend to lean towards memoirs, books on gardening, happiness, photography and budgeting. I'm always looking a new topic to learn about. Recommend a great non-fiction book that you think I might like.

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