Sunday, June 2, 2013

Armchair BEA: Catch up post - Keeping It Real/Children's Lit/Wrap Up

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Fresh content and getting followers to come back time and again? Good question. Lately, I can say that my posting has gone down from almost daily posting to less frequent posting. This has been a choice that I made after struggling for some time in trying to find balance in my life. I realized that my blog is something to enjoy and it's not a job. This then led me to changing my posting habits to writing a post when I had time, when I had tour stops or reviews due. I am slightly behind on posting reviews for books that I have read for my personal challenge, but am hoping to resolve this in the next few weeks by sitting down to write up a handful of reviews.

As for keeping followers coming back - SOCIAL MEDIA! I strongly believe that it is a huge help in finding new bloggers and followers. It also helps to interact with your followers and getting to know them. It's refreshing to meet like minded people and to chat about books with them. 

And the second way to keep followers - CONTENT. I would say that hosting a ton of cover reveals and not having many reviews would deter someone from following. I also like reading discussion posts where people can post their opinions. I always seem to learn something new from those posts.


Okay my top five children's books:

And my top five young adult books (so far, as it is always changing):

I am an adult who enjoys reading young adult books. I feel like this genre has come a long way since my teenage years - there really wasn't a lot out there in way of YA. I feel that there are more books out there to either bring you to a fantasy land, to make you think about the world around you, or to help you when you are dealing with a very tough issue.


1. I'm really digging this post - Reading Around The World. I might actually challenge myself to read this list of books next year. 
2. I didn't make it to many of the blogs this week, but I plan to hop around this coming week to see what others had to say and to find some new book buddies!
3. I loved this nod to Canadian authors - MOST WANTED!

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