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Review & Giveaway: Belonging by Karen Ann Hopkins

Belonging by Karen Ann Hopkins
Published: April 30, 2013
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 408
Received: from NetGalley for review via Kismet Book Touring
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I left everything I knew behind.

But it was worth it. He was worth it.

No one thought an ordinary girl like me would last two minutes living with the Amish, not even me. There are a lot more rules and a lot less freedom, and I miss my family and the life I once had. Worst of all, Noah and I aren't even allowed to see each other. Not until I've proven myself.

If I can find a way to make it work, we'll be NOAH & ROSE

together forever.

But not everybody believes this is where I belong.

Holy twists Batman! There were so many curve balls in this second book that I did not see coming. And the cliffhanger, well now I need to go out an buy book three to find out what happens!

This second installment in the love story of Noah & Rose delves into the actual progression of their relationship. In the first book, Temptation, it was more about the quick fall into love (I believe I referenced it as lust at first sight, because they hadn't really gotten to know one another that much yet). But in this story, you see them getting to know each other more as Rose chooses to try living the Amish lifestyle. 

Rose leaves everything behind to try learning to be Amish and at first I wasn't sure she could hack it. She actually proves herself over time that she can do this, but only because of the love she feels for Noah. I truly enjoyed the peak into a traditional day in the life of an Amish woman. Hopkins took the time to really make you see how had it was for Rose to switch over to their customs, Rose slowly integrates into the community and has been pretty much accepted when the first major twist happens.

It's interesting to see a book where someone actually sacrifices everything for the one they love and to really show what it means to sacrifice. I think this is the first book I've read where you can actually feel that level of need and want that Rose and Noah have for each other. It's very well written.

I do have to say that this one passage struck a chord with me and I hope that Rose thinks about this one long and hard before the end of the next book. 

"If you give up your spirit, who you really are, for a guy, you won't have much left to love him with"
I have high hopes for Noah and Rose, but can she truly make the change from her life of convenience (cell phones, TV and cars) and become the woman that Noah is hoping she can be? Or will Noah finally realize he is asking her to change a lot of who she is and might lose some of the girl he originally fell for if she says yes?

I do have a few theories of what just might happen for Noah and Rose in the final installment of their story, but I will leave those in my mind for now.

About the author:

A native of New York State, Karen Ann Hopkins now lives with her family on a farm in northern Kentucky, where her neighbors in all directions are members of a strict Amish community. Her unique perspective became the inspiration for the story of star-crossed lovers Rose and Noah. When she’s not homeschooling her kids, giving riding lessons or tending to a menagerie of horses, goats, peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats, she is dreaming up her next romantic novel.

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  1. Well, I have heard a lot about these two books and they definitely sound awesome
    GREAT review, dear
    Your reader,

  2. Thanks Soma! And good luck in the giveaway!


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