Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bookmark Landmarks in Canada from Project Bookmark

I stumbled upon this website, Project Bookmark Canada, while browsing around 49th Shelf.

Project Bookmark Canada is a nationally registered charitable organization that puts stories and poems in the exact, physical locations where literary scenes are set.

So after looking through the list of locations that they have already bookmarked, I noticed that my city is on the list and made it a point to stop by and see it for myself. So at lunch one day last week, I took a walk to St. Andrew's Church to get a look at this bookmark that I never seemed to notice before. It's the only bookmark in Kingston so far, but check out the list of Canadian cities you can find them in.

Nothing’s the same any more.
Here in Kingston, even limestone forgets itself
and the staid Protestant church towers
succumb to gothic fantasies, windows ablaze
with dragons’ fire and the pink screams
of captured damsels…“Mexican Sunsets” from Common Magic by Bronwen Wallace 

Our vision is a network of hundreds of Bookmarks around the country, so that Canadians and visitors can read their way across Canada. Our mandate is to establish a permanent and prominent presence for literature set in Canada—enhancing Canada’s reputation as a nation of storytellers; expanding the readership for fiction and poetry set in Canada; and encouraging residents and visitors to see our literary landscapes, adding to local and national tourism. -Project Bookmark Canada

So are there any in your city? Do you plan to find them?
Share your visits in the comments.


  1. Yay Project Bookmark! I interned for them (well, really, her...executive director and one woman show, Miranda Hill) this year. I adore what they do. I first heard about them when they put a Bookmark in Midland, my hometown. Nothing happens there so it was kind of a big deal, at least to us bookish folks. There's one in Port Colborne (where my boyfriend works) so I've been to those two and I've driven by the one in Ottawa, twice (I vow to stop the next time I'm there!). It's such an awesome project!

    1. That is really awesome that you interned there. And I had no idea you were from Midland. I grew up in Barrie and was in Midland all the time.

      I hope to visit more Bookmarks when I get the chance, so I'll be sure to print off the list and tick them off as I visit them. Cheers!

  2. I've heard of this before somewhere... I think it's so cool! There isn't one here, but I'll definitely be checking out the other ones if I stop by those cities.

    1. I thought it was pretty cool and to have one in my own city and not have heard of it or stumbled upon it until now is just weird. LOL


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