Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five: The one with CanLit Hunger Games and Book Trailers galore!

Inspired by the Friday Five lists on Sarah Dessen's blog.

1. Toronto's iconic bookstore, World's Biggest Bookstore, is set to close it's doors in February 2014. This makes me ridiculously sad and determined, as I have never been in this bookstore. I have now set a goal to get to that bookstore before it closes. Have you ever been? What have I been missing out on? -source

2. The Book Thief Official Trailer - yet another book that I must read before watching the movie. 

3. Holy movies from books Batman! How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff is stated to as "an exciting -- and occasionally graphic -- depiction of war, familial connection and the harsh realities of growing up too soon." -source

4. Checkout the CanLit Hunger Games: Canada vs the World - 24 iconic characters created by Canadian and international authors face off -CBC

5. World Book Night 2014 titles announced - "World Book Night 2014 is launched today, with the announcement of 20 books that are to be given away free during the night of April 23, the UNESCO International Day of the Book." -source

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