Friday, February 7, 2014

My First Romance Books

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought I'd write a little post that shares the first romance books that helped me to fall in love with reading romance. I'd like to credit my Mom (I miss her so much) for helping me fall in love with this romance author as she was my mother's favourite author. You can also see my interview with the author here (my Mom was so excited when she heard I was interviewing her - check out the comments on the post too).

Bertrice Small, writes historical romances and contemporary romances and has some amazing series. I've read many books by this author, but not all of them... yet. My Mom had quite the collection of her books and I hope to gather those books to add to my bookcases one day. Ms. Small's books are filled with insanely detailed historical settings and so much passion.

The Kadin - Abducted from a life of privilege, she was sold into slavery in a distant land. For Lady Janet Leslie there would be no escaping the harem of the wealthy and powerful Sultan Selim. But from the moment the handsome ruler spied his breathtaking "Cyra," was captivated -- by the fiery desire that coursed through his veins. She belonged to him, body and soul -yet it was he who was enslaved.

Praised for her keen sense of history and remarkable storytelling powers, the bestselling author of The Spitfire displays the passionate magic that has made her a national favorite -sweeping the reader into the romantic past, from the magnificence of Renaissance Europe to the perfumed splendor of a Sultan's court.

The Skye O'Malley SagaThere has never been a woman like luscious, raven-haired, hot-tempered Skye O'Malley. She is the courageous seafaring captain of her own mighty fleet, and intelligent enough to win a battle of wits with Queen Elizabeth herself. Follow along as Skye O'Malley is swept up in a journey filled with romance and passion that takes her from glittering Ireland, to lush Algeria, to the heart of London in pursuit of a unique and eternal love.....

A Moment In Time - Young Wynne of Gwernach believes love is an illusion. She devotes herself to managing the great family estate in Wales, vowing to protect it and her younger brother until he comes of age to inherit. Then Madoc of Powys enters her life, and all her beliefs are turned upside down. For Wynne and Madoc have been lovers in another time, another place. And an unfinished destiny lies between them . . .

I plan to keep reading through the back list of Ms. Small's books so I can finish all of the books my Mom had read as well as the ones she didn't get the chance to read. I think this will be one of many posts about the books that my Mom shared with me. 

Which romance books were your first romances? And how did you find them?


  1. I think Small may have been the first romance author I ever read, too. I came across one of her newer series as I was working at the library during high school, stole some peeks, and decided I wanted to read these steamy books! My mom is a huge Nora Roberts fan so I've been reading some of hers lately, too.

    1. Yes they are pretty steamy. And I have read some Nora Roberts as well, my fave so far that I've read is the In The Garden Trilogy and I noticed today that they re-release them with new covers. I do have plans to finish reading the Circle Trilogy and I'd really like to start the Bride Quartet and the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy too.


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