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Review: Breakaway by Lindsay Paige and Mary Smith

Breakaway (The Penalty Kill Trilogy Book 1) by Lindsay Paige & Mary Smith
Published: August 13, 2013
Pages: 163
Received: for honest review from author
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Levi Carr is captain of the Roxboro University Lions hockey team. His rival is James Wayne University and their captain, Trevor McCarthy. After an incident in high school and his mother’s death, Levi does whatever he can to make McCarthy’s life a little harder. When leaving the rivaling campus one night, Levi meets one person who can unknowingly help him mess with McCarthy.

My one job in this is to mess with McCarthy’s head and all it has done is mess with mine.

Presley McCarthy lives in the shadow of her twin brother, Trevor. After being separated when their parents divorced, all Presley heard about was Levi Carr being a bully to Trevor. Now in college, Presley is trying to be her own person, but when she meets Levi Carr, it all changes. But will the changes be good or bad?

He is nothing like my brother described. Maybe I’ve been wrong all along.

*This book is intended for mature audiences.*

It's interesting how I came to find out about this book. I had mentioned on Twitter that I was looking for some New Adult books to try and for a variety this time as I had been noticing a lot were seeming the same and Mary tweeted to me about their book. I hadn't really read many sports themed romances so I added this to my list of books to check out. I'm glad I did.

Breakaway is a great book that isn't just about romance. It has really great writing when it comes to including the sports side of the book. I'm not completely into hockey, but my husband is and I know enough to see that this book doesn't miss the details when it comes to the hockey scenes. It's a nice taste of something different.

The romance part of Breakaway is quick, but it's not instalove. Levi thinks that if he starts seeing his rivals twin sister that it will get to Trevor and throw him off his game. What he doesn't realize is that for the first time in his life, he's falling for the girl he was trying to use. How does a guy like Levi cut off his emotions and keep this strictly as a means to an end? It's complicated. 

Levi is a hot shot captain of a university hockey team. He thinks the world revolves around him. But so does his rival, Trevor. The two can't see past their history and keep pushing each other causing others around them to get hurt. At first I didn't like Levi at all, his willingness to use Presley irritates me. But as he spends more time with her (to further aggravate Trevor) he falls in love with her. He slowly lets her into his life and opens up to her about all of the things he's always hid away from the world - how he misses his Mom, his aspirations to be more than just an NHL player someday and he begins to treat her better than her family even does. I started to fall for him too.

And Presley, she is smart, funny and turns into quite the sexual dynamo. She is most definitely not a Puck Bunny like many of the others girls at their schools. Presley tries real hard to not let Levi sweep her off her feet, because she doesn't just want to be a Bunny to him and he is her brother's rival. There is an attraction there, but she resists it at first. But once she gives in to temptation all bets are off. Their relationship moves pretty fast, but it's awfully sweet when they start letting each other into their respective worlds.

I really can't wait to read the rest of the series, because this book leaves you with a cliffhanger and I need to know what is in store for Levi and Presley!

About the authors:
Lindsay Paige is a romance author from North Carolina. She has published five books in her completed Bold as Love series and YA titled Don't Panic. With coauthor Mary Smith, they have published two NA Hockey Romances in The Penalty Kill Trilogy.

She has three passions in life: reading, writing, and watching hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins. Among the pile of books to read, books to write, and games to watch, Lindsay is also focused on completing college.

Lindsay is inspired by world around her and the people in it. Many of the aspects in her books stem from her love for hockey and her struggles in life and with anxiety, as evident in Don't Panic.

She is currently working on numerous solo works and a couple of projects with Mary Smith as well.

Mary Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois, but raised in Princeton, Illinois. She is currently lives in West Virginia. She is an avid reader, co-founder of Book Nerds Across America, author of The Ice Series and co-author of The Penalty Kill Trilogy. She goes nowhere without her cell phone or Kindle. Mary loves anything to do with Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Sharp, and hockey related! She is also an avid Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls fan.

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