Monday, March 3, 2014

What would your home library look like?

I have thought about what my ideal home library would look like many times. And I figured that it might not be such a bad idea to put together a collage of ideas that would fit in my lovely bookish room. I have two different ideas of what I would like and this is just one of them. 

I like both dark wood and crisp white details, so I'm going with the white detailed look for this mood board. I hope you enjoy. Also - there are links to where all of the images/items came from or can be bought.


What would your ideal home library have in it? What style would you pick?

1. Bright coloured backing to a crisp white bookcase - though yellow might not be my first choice and I do enjoy the turquoise colour for the walls (source)
2. Mini orchids from IKEA (source)
3. Pretty little glass vases from IKEA (source)
4. White cherry blossom lamp from IKEA (source)
5. Mint green "bracket" bookends by DesignAtelierArticle (source)
6. cute little ceramic birds by DesertArtsPottery (source)
7. Penguin Classics (I want all the books) (source)
8. Book Junkie pillow (source)
9. Comfy chair from IKEA (source)
10. Paris print by MossAndTwigsPrints (source)
11. White desk from IKEA (source)
12. Hunger Games print by OwlUNeedIsLove (source)

Apparently I have a thing for Ikea and Etsy. Who knew?

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