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Peter Panda Melts Down! by Artie Bennett (Children's Book)

Peter Panda Melts Down! by Artie Bennett
Published: February 11, 2014
Publisher: Blue Apple Books
Pages: 40
Received: for honest review from publisher
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Uh-oh. Here it comes. Here comes that frown. Peter Panda melts dowwwnnn!”

Poor Peter Panda. He’s only three and filled with frustration. And when things don’t quite go his way, he’s apt to throw a tantrum—in the car, in the library, in the supermarket, in the . . . He’s the most meltdownable panda we know.

Poor Mama Panda. How can she cope with Peter’s petulance while seeking to sidestep a monumental meltdown herself!? What’s a mama panda to do? Read this adorable new picture book by Artie Bennett, author of the much-lauded The Butt Book and Poopendous!, and virtuoso illustrator John Nez and find out!

The wonderful Artie Bennett contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing his latest children's book and I jumped at the chance. This book was perfect timing to help my sister with my nephew - he's at just the right age for this book (approx ages 3-5) . And Artie also personalized this copy for my nephew Owen. 

I brought this book with me during a family visit and my nephew was so excited to get a new book and it had pandas! We immediately sat down to snuggle and read through the book. The writing is perfect for reading out loud with fun voices and excitement.  It reminds me of reading a Robert Munsch book out loud, see for yourself on the following page layout.

The ending is funny and cute - though I think the adults reading this will laugh more than the children. But it makes perfect sense and is exactly what I think many adults feel like when dealing with a child that has melt downs. 

The illustration by John Nez are enjoyable and fun. I love the style and simplicity to it. And my nephew loved pointing to all the things that Peter was doing, like pointing out the icky peas in the picture above. 

Overall, this was a fun read and it was also a great way to teach my nephew about his melt downs and how they will not get you what you want. It also shows him a perspective of what it's like to see someone else melt down (you'll have to see the last page of the book to know what I mean).

I adore Artie's books and am looking forward to his next silly creation - Beches, Burps and Farts, Oh My! that comes out in July. 

if you would like to read more reviews of Artie's books - you can check out my review of The Butt Book, which happens to be personalized to me and sits on my own bookshelf. It's a fun and hilarious read.

You can find our more about Artie and his books at his website

Praise for The But Book:
“In a nutshell, this book is pure fun. The illustrations are simply hilarious. My son kept pointing out things I didn’t even notice. My daughter and I loved the play on words, the rhymes and the reasoning that made us think, ‘Hey, my butt is important!’ Believe it or not, apart from being funny, this book is educational. We didn’t realize how many words there are for butt. And the text is intelligent and insightful. Best of all, this book helps a child appreciate all his body parts, and why we are made the way we are. As my son concluded, ‘Butts are cool!’ Highly recommended for that silly kid in your life and for parents who want to have a rollicking good time with their children while reading.”
Praise for Poopendus!
“A new classic for the potty genre! Who doesn’t crack up when it comes to potty talk? (Maybe grandmas?) Artie Bennett first impressed us with The Butt Book (LOVE) and he’s delighting us with Poopendous!, an everything poops book whose rhymes work perfectly (and I’m picky about rhyming books) to delight and impress young (and old) readers.”

Thank you Artie, for sharing such fun books with the world.

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