Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Office Renos - Part 1

I have decided to document the changes we are making to one of the spare rooms. We are turning it into an office for little old me. This is in the hopes of controlling my clutter habit and containing it to one room. And well it doesn't hurt that it just might get my organized if I have a pretty space to call my own.

I forgot to take before pictures so here it is in the middle of painting. 

Since we are renting this house we have the emerald green carpeting until further notice. It runs up the stairs, down the hallway, three out of four bedrooms and the den on the main level. *sigh* Even though we rent (from family), we can make a lot of changes to the house, so we are decorating up a storm. I'll try posting some pictures of our bedroom that we redid last year (I hope I have some before pictures of that one).

The paint is a pale bluish gray called Cumberland Fog (BEHR paint from Home Depot*). It was originally going to be the colour for the hallway, but I nixed it at the last second to go with a completely different idea in the hall (that post will come another day). 

I have a wonderful vision for this room - a pretty little vintage wrought iron bed with new bedding, a desk area for blogging/crafting, either new bookcases or refurbish the one I have. I'm mostly looking forward to decorating it with some fun tchotchkes.

The curtain hanging in the corner hides the closet. It's pretty big and right now it stores Christmas decorations and baby stuff that my sister gave me for one day. I will probably keep the curtain as it is so plain and pretty, but I want to upgrade my storage areas inside. 

Updates coming soon...
Part 2

*not a sponsored post - just what we bought and where.


  1. Can't wait to see your progress. I have learned that my least favorite part of painting is the taping off LOL :) I do love the color especially with your vintage idea!

    1. I don't mind taping actually - I like to do it myself because I am a control freak and need to know it's taped right before anyone starts to paint. LOL And thanks I love the colour too. I can't wait to be done taping and cleaning the carpets so that I can get to the decorating part. :)

  2. Love the paint color! Can't wait to see the final result-thanks for sharing!


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