Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Office Renos - Part 2

I'm happy to say the quick overhaul of the spare room into an office is happening at a good pace now. The carpets have been steam cleaned, the painting is done (might need to touch up the ceiling and door). And I've moved some furniture into the room which made me realize that I need to find some replacement pieces. Some do not fit the vision I have for the room, but they will do for now. Most of the items are temporary, but have made their way into the room so that I could get everything into one spot.


The things I'd like to swap out with either new IKEA items or some vintage or refurbished finds are:
  • desk (this thing is tiny and meant for children to sit at and as I am typing this I have to sit at an angle to fit at the desk) - I want something simple in design (like the Ikea HEMNES desk) or a fun antique/distressed look - perhaps I'll buy something and upcycle it
  •  a new bookcase (or two) - this baby was left in the house by my SIL and it works for what it is, but I want something to suit the feel of the room (you know... to go with the wrought iron bed and such)
  • a new chair for the desk - something old would be fun but comfy
  • some fun artwork - a mix of vintage style prints, framed photos etc
  • new bedding - I only have a small quilt thrown on it for now (which my BFF Aislynn from Stitch Read Cook made for me a few years back)

I have big dreams for this room, but for now this is where it's at. I need to save up some mad money for buying the items I'm hoping to complete the room with.

You can check out my first post of the Office Reno here.


  1. Great update! And wow, I want that Ikea desk too lol. We got ours from a thrift shop and it's actually pretty decent (really big), but it's ugly :P

    1. I think I'll end up with a thrift shop desk too, but I might make it over.

  2. I am getting a daybed for my book cove. I think it would make an excellent place for guests to stay (as long as they paws off my books). I love the lighting and you are conquering that room with gusto :)

    1. A day bed would be lovely! The lighting fixture was in the house when we moved in (my hubby's family left some furniture for us since we are renting from them). It was in the room that use to be their daughters room. I love it and the colour was fun so I didn't even bother to paint it. :)


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