Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another fun kids read from Artie Bennett: Belches, Burps and Farts Oh My!

Belches, Burps and Farts Oh My! by Artie Bennett
Published: August 12, 2014
Publisher: Blue Apple Books
Pages: 40
Find It Online: Goodreads

From hoots to hics to toots, here's an exuberant companion to Artie Bennett's nonfiction books featuring body parts and processes. He's beheld the butt and offered the scoop on poop. Now our more audible and odiferous body functions are given the Bennett treatment, served up with a generous helping of zaniness.
Another fun children's book from Artie Bennett - all about burps and farts. My little nephew thought this was hilarious when read with fun voices. (Yet again I did not get any worthwhile pictures of us reading it together - they were all blurry). It was filled with tons of information about why people and animals belch, burp and pass gas. With Artie's well known rhyming writing style, you can't help but have fun with this one. And it's filled with awesome scientific facts about bod functions.

Did you know that people fart on average 14 times in day? WHOA. I'm sure all the kids out there are now keeping track and trying to break a record.

Mr. Bennett took this iffy subject matter and made it into an informative book. There are so many facts in this book that I didn't know. There's a fun list at the end as well. 

And the illustrations are perfectly matched the tone of the book and subject matter. 

Reminds me of The Butt Book that I read 2011 - it was also a book that read with a sing-songy voice and laugh out loud puns. 

Thanks Artie for the review copy. My nephew added this to his collection of books I've given him.  

See my reviews of The Butt Book and Peter Panda Melts Down.

You can find our more about Artie and his books at his website.

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