Thursday, November 6, 2014

Library Reservations

How many of you out there use the services of your local library? I was a frequent flyer at the library years ago and only once in a while lately. But I am solving that today. After browsing the online site I realize just how many wonderful and amazing NEW books that have lately.

They have so much to choose from and they even have a spot on their site where you can add books you want them to buy. So why do I buy books, when I can borrow so many for free? Who knows! But I think I'll be spending more time at my local library.

I've added what seems like a million to my reservation list and then just like Goodreads, I'm adding an amazing list of books I want to read - so pretty much I'm importing my entire WISHLIST to it to make it easy later to nab some great reads!

AND... I can download ebooks and audiobooks right from home using Overdrive!

Here are the top picks for my wishlist right now:

And did I mention.... my local library is having their FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY BOOK SALE! They always have amazing books for AMAZING prices. I am totally going at lunch. I love that the library is a two minute walk from my work. 

So how much do you love your library? Do you visit often? What is your favourite thing about your local library?


  1. I always have at least one book at home from the library. It's basically on the next street over from me, so it's very convenient. I always reserve my books online and they send me an email when they are ready to be picked up. Oh, the library system is county wide, so there are 12 locations, (plus access to St. Louis City and St. Louis County libraries.) So if the library nearest to me doesn't have a book I want, it will come from another location. They have a van that does the rounds every day to each of the 12 locations dropping off and picking up books. It's awesome. They have Overdrive also, but I don't use it much.

    1. Love it. Mine sounds about the same with the multi link locations and van to bring them to the one near me.

  2. I use my local library mostly for books for my son. I occasionally grab a book for myself. I used to be a member at an amazing library with a huge selection but my current library has a rather small selection, especially ebooks and audiobooks.


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