Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

Every ornament on my tree has a meaning behind it. I love keeping things like this, not only are they pretty, but they hold precious memories. I only have a tiny tree so I don't have a ton of room for ornaments. This year I picked out just the ones that were special to me and filled it in with some tiny snowflakes and colourful mini ornaments.

1) The raincoat clad snowman was from the first trip Greg and I took (with my family - for my sisters wedding). It's from Halifax, Nova Scotia (he has his little lobster and lobster trap). 

2) Astronaut Santa from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from our trip at the beginning of this year.

3) Pink ornament with white squiggles (I have almost a whole set of these and they are all different colours). These are from the 1970s and I remember them on our tree every year until Mom decided to update the ornaments a few years back. She was going to donate/toss them and I freaked out. I took them all because these are some of my favourite memories. 

4) Turquoise with gold star - from our 1 year anniversary/honeymoon trip to Mexico. It's made from clay and it's so pretty.

5) Sea shell angel - this was a gift from one of Greg's sisters. She brought it back from the Bahamas for us last year.

6) Paper star ornament - given to us by Greg's other sister. I believe it was made in Africa.

7) One armed paper Santa - this is something I made in Kindergarten. And has been with me ever since. He lost an arm along the way and his cotton pom pom is slowly falling off his hat, but he means a lot to me. 

8) The candy sleigh - this was a gift this year from a coworker. I can't make myself take it apart to eat just yet, but I really am craving chocolate and this would just hit the spot.

And this beauty was made by my niece, Kaycee and my nephew, Owen. It's Owen's hand print for the snowmen and Kaycee's thumbprint for the reindeer. I just love this one.

Do you have any decorations that hold special meaning? How do you display them?


  1. Those are lovely ornaments, and I can I agree, the stories behind them are what makes them special. Most of my ornaments are hand-me-downs from my grandma, and she had a story behind every one of them too, so I can relate. Thanks for sharing this with us and Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jo. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas too. And I love that you have your Grandma's ornaments.


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