Sunday, December 21, 2014

How To Make Kindness Kits

I've made these in the past for some co-workers as part of a team building session, but they were called Anti-Stress Kits then. I changed the name to Kindness Kits to encourage a happier morale. So here are the supplies you will need:

-string (I used embroidery thread)
-Hugs (chocolate candies)
-small zip top bags

So you take the small zip bags and put one of every item inside the bag along with a small print out with the following written on it:

Kindness Kits ERASER to make all those little mistakes disappear
...a PENNY so you will never be completely broke
...a MARBLE for those days when you're sure you've lost yours ELASTIC to help you stretch beyond your limits
...a STRING to hold it all together when it seems to be falling apart
...and a HUG to remind you that someone cares.

Easy peasy! 


  1. I've been the recipient of one of these kits. It surely made my day.

    1. I think I've made them at all the branches I've worked for now. ;) Glad you liked yours (that was years ago I guess). Happy Holidays!


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