Sunday, February 22, 2015

How many books do you pack for vacation?

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Since we are heading on an all-inclusive vacation shortly, I was thinking about what books I'd like to bring with me on my trip. I will be bringing my tablet to use, but that will be mostly for on the plane and at night in our room. When I am lounging poolside or at the beach, I'd like to bring a print book with me. So here are my questions:

1. How many books do you normally bring with you on a week long trip?

2. Do you bring one longer novel or a few shorter ones?

3. Do you bring tradesize or paperback versions?

4. Do you bring ARCs with you or do you bring books to read that are just for you (no review required)?

5. Do you have a certain genre that you like to read while on trips/at the beach?

I debated on taking an audiobook with me, but then I'd need to bring my CD walkman and batteries. Hmmm. Would you bring one?

I'm trying to pack enough to keep my busy, but not too many to weigh my luggage down.

So far I have two ARCs picked out that I might bring with me (subject to change). And I'm debating on buying a few others instead (many on my shelves are hardcover or copies I don't want ruined by water.

So far these are the books on my list that MIGHT come with me (depends on if I see something that just jumps at me).

Now I See You The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise We All Looked Up

Open to suggestions for great reads for vacation.


  1. You should take the Rosie Project :) It was such a fun read.

  2. It's so hard to choose! I listen to audios on my phone so that makes it easier and I usually bring a tablet so I have all my e-books there...and then 1-2 hard copies of paperbacks or arcs.

    1. After posting this I realized that perhaps i can download an audiobook from my local library and load iton my ipod to listen to. :)

  3. I'd take at least 6 books, a mix of ArC and just because. I don't do audio books but I imagine they might come in handy, maybe you can download them to your tablet so you don't have to take your CD player?

    Whatever you decide, have a great time!

    1. Thanks Shelleyrae!

      I'm skipping the audiobooks and just bringing print copies. :) A few ARCs and a few just because. Still working on the exact titles but will have them narrowed down on Sunday!

  4. I have an older Kindle that is easy to read in full sunlight. I take it with the books I want to read already downloaded, but if I need more it is simple to go into the archive to get more or purchase something new (either directly on the Kindle or via my computer that always travels with me). I also take one paperback book, usually something I've picked up at a used book or thrift store. We have two in our town and I find lots of older regional books that just aren't available anywhere else. - Margy


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