Monday, March 30, 2015

A Day In The Life Of....

A Day In The Life...
Trish from Love, Laughter and a touch of Insanity is hosting the ‘a Day in the Life’ blogger event.Thought I'd write up a late post when I saw this on Book'd Out blog.

My days are pretty much the same Monday through Friday - wake up, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV/read/blog. The only thing I'm trying to add is walking on my treadmill daily (this is something I struggle with). My weekends are a completely different story - they range from very chill and relaxed to hectic and exhausting.

Here's my normal day:

6:30 AM - alarm goes off and I smack the snooze button at least three times

7 AM - shower and get dressed for work

7:15 AM - make lunches for hubby and I

7:30 AM - off to work we go 

8:30 AM - 5 PM - work (I work at a bank and I have a split job - so I run all over the place and am exhausted at day's end)

5:30 PM - pick hubby up from work

6:30 PM - figure out what to have for dinner (I need to star making lists)

7 PM - 10 PM - watch a little Netflix while I try to write up blog posts and reviews, read, play Hay Day and trying to add in walking on treadmill

10 PM - go to sleep (sometimes it's later depending on how tired I am or how great the book I'm reading is)

This is what happened on my Saturday (March 28, 2015).

1 AM - arrive at my Dad's house after a six hour drive with my three year old nephew (we came for a birthday visit)

2 AM - finally get nephew settled down and snuggle in bed with some books, Grampa and Rocket (Dad's Jack Russell Terrier) and nephew asks Grampa to sleep in his room to keep the monsters away

6 AM - woken up by nephew who is staring into my face and waiting for me to wake up because it's time to eat breakfast and play

8 AM - start making Rainbow Jello Eggs with nephew (this is the most time consuming thing I've ever tried to do with a three year old, but they did turn out pretty cool)

making jello eggs - copyright Chrystal Scalesjello egg

10 AM - 12 PM - play with lego, race cars around the living room and check out Grampa's new car

checking out the corvette - copyright Chrystal Scales

12 PM -  4 PM - my brother came to visit too and we all took a trip to town to run errands, then had a late lunch/early dinner and watched movies

5 PM - 8 PM - play video games, eat snacks and snuggle with my nephew as he wasn't feeling well 

8 PM - 11 PM - watch PVR episodes of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune trying to see who could get the most right answers

11 PM - time to sleep before it all starts again on Sunday (when we have to make our way back home)

What is a day in your life like?


  1. WOW by 11 I am way out :) I am usually in bed asleep by 9:30 --I think the older I get the more I turn into a toddler :)

    1. I have always been more of a night owl. It's hard for me to get out of bed in the morning most days because I stay up WAY TOO LATE. I love reading in bed at night.

      There are nights I'm in bed by 8PM when I'm just exhausted - perhaps I'd not be so tired if I set up a bedtime routine. ;)

  2. Thanks for linking up Chrystal! :) Is there a prize for winning the most categories? Or just gloating rights? LOL! I fear that would turn into a big battle between my husband and I with lots of bad words. Love that you also included your weekend agenda--sounds like a great weekend!

    1. Trish - with my Dad it's by how many correct answers we get right (Jeopardy) or how many puzzles solve (Wheel of Fortune). We've done that since I was a kid. Just gloating rights too.

  3. Rainbow jello eggs! So cool. I wouldn't have a clue how to make them. LOL But it sounds like a fun project.

    I enjoyed reading about your days. Thank you for sharing. :-)

    1. I found it in Pinterest and linked to it in the post. I didn't make them exactly the same way, but close. :) It's very time consuming though because you have to let each layer set before adding the next one.

  4. That darn snooze button!! I do the same. What a busy day for you with guests and all, and aw sick nephews :( Hope he feels better soon. And yay for playing video games.

    1. The snooze button got me again this morning. ;)

      My nephew is already felling much better. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  5. Planning meals out is such a timesaver for me! Seems like your weekdays run smoothly but your weekend sure was busy, and fun.

    1. I keep saying I'll start meal planning so that we can save money on food and not waste food, but I still haven't done it. One day I swear I'll try it. ;)

  6. I wondered about those eggs. I think I made some kind of ribbon jello salad one time that had endless layers - and you had to wait in between for the setting. Pretty but way too much work. But, with a nephew and Easter eggs - well, I'm sure it was worth it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ya the waiting part for the setting of the jello was killer. It was worth it to see the look on his face when he finally had his rainbow eggs. This all started because on one of his favourite shows they did an Easter egg hunt and one of the girls found a rainbow egg that was super special and he said he wished he could have a rainbow egg. When I came across this on Pinterest, I knew I had to do this with him. I probably wouldn't try it again unless I have kids of my own one day... it was a long day of making Jello. LOL

  7. I hit my snooze button many times in the morning too. I want to stop doing it... but sleep is so nice. Those rainbow eggs are really cool (but yeah, they look time consuming). Thanks for sharing your days!


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