Thursday, May 28, 2015

Harry Potter Moment of the Week: If you could be a character for a day, who would you be?

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This week was a freebie choice week, so I am excited to go and cover a topic that happened before I started participating in HPMOTW. 

If you could be a character for a day, who would you be?

Normally I would say something predictable like Hermione Granger due to her smarts, her confidence and her selflessness, but I'm going to pick someone I'd loved to have learned more about: Luna Lovegood!

She has her quirks that is for sure, but if you think about it she always has some profound thing to say and that's probably why she is in Ravenclaw.
I think it would be fun to see what she is like after the series had ended - what will she have chosen for the life path? I hope that she would have started writing for a magazine or newspaper like the Quibbler!

And lastly her patronus is a rabbit which represents contradictory ideals: it's a symbol of cleverness and foolishness, of cowardice and courage, etc. I think that sums her up pretty well... she is unpredictable with her sometimes odd statements that turn out to be more clever than first believed.

Who would you want to be for a day?


  1. Luna is such a lovely character but if I had to choose, I'd be Oliver Wood. His Quidditch skills are crazy! Or maybe Madam Pince, just so I could peruse the books in the Hogwarts library for eternity.

    1. Oh Madam Pince would be a great choice!


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