Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Task It Tuesday: Almost Reaching My Goals.... So Close!

It's time to try another of Felicia The Geeky Blogger's memes. I love her Book Budget posts and I love making lists, so why not try her Task It Tuesday to get things done around here!

This week...
-Write two book reviews
-Write one discussion post
-Plan out two more ideas

Continuing Tasks...
-keep my review database updated (guess I better get on this one)
-update posts with images, ALT tags, and style beginning at post #1 and working my way to now

Last Week's Task Status
-Write three reviews (wrote 2/3)
-Write one bookish post (can we count The Taylor Swift Book Tag?) -Write two non-bookish posts (wrote one

What tasks are on your list?


  1. I'm doing some general blog cleaning too!

    1. Blog cleaning is never ending, just like housework. LOL

  2. Totally counts! I am really hoping to write some reviews this week too (didn't make my official list but if not then I will be writing as I am posting LOL)

    1. I seem to always be behind on reviews unless they are for tours. LOL So I'm hoping to write a ton for books I've read lately.


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