Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Top Ten TV Shows on Netflix (That I've Watched and/or Want To Watch)

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Finished (at least what is available on Netflix to date)
Suggest some shows that I should check out on Netflix!


  1. I have only watched five of these! But Supernatural and The Walking Dead are two of my all time favourite shows.

    As for suggestions for what you should watch on Netflix, I have a few :D

    1) Stranger Things
    You've probably heard all the hype about this one, but it is well deserved. I absolutely loved this, and it's only 8 episodes, so it won't take you too long to watch!

    2) Orphan Black
    I wasn't really sold on this show when I heard about it, but it is REALLY GOOD. The characters are super diverse and nuanced and complicated, and the show is very addictive.

    3) Merlin
    This is my favourite show of all time, so I definitely recommend watching it! It's so lovely in so many ways.

    4) Heartland
    If you even like horses a little bit, then I suggest watching this! It's such a great show, and there are quite a lot of seasons, so if you end up liking it there's a lot to watch :D

    I don't know if The X-Files or Buffy are on Netflix where you are, but they are really great shows to watch, too!

    1. How did I forget to add Buffy?!? I have all of the DVD sets, but I think it is on Netflix too.

      I added Stranger Things to my queue. My hubby has already watched it all while I've been binging on Supernatural.

      And the other show I forgot to add was Criminal Minds. I need to catch up again, but it's not on Netflix in Canada. :(

      Thanks for the suggestions Chiara!


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