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Who's That Girl? by Mhairi McFarlane | Review & Blog Tour | #WhosThatGirl #TLCBookTours

Who's That Girl? by Mhairi McFarlane
Published: September 6, 2016
Publisher: Harper
Pages: 544
Received: via TLC Book Tours
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A laugh-out-loud romance from the author of the bestselling YOU HAD ME AT HELLO

When Edie is caught in a compromising position at her colleagues’ wedding, all the blame falls on her – turns out that personal popularity in the office is not that different from your schooldays. Shamed online and ostracised by everyone she knows, Edie’s forced to take an extended sabbatical – ghostwriting an autobiography for hot new acting talent, Elliot Owen. Easy, right?

Wrong. Banished back to her home town of Nottingham, Edie is not only dealing with a man who probably hasn’t heard the word ‘no’ in a decade, but also suffering an excruciating regression to her teenage years as she moves back in with her widowed father and judgy, layabout sister.

When the world is asking who you are, it’s hard not to question yourself. Who’s that girl? Edie is ready to find out.

After becoming a social outcast in London, following an untimely kiss with the groom at a wedding, Edie has moved back home to Nottingham with two goals: ghost write Elliot Owen's autobiography and figure out who she really is. She's been told be a frenemy that she is, "the girl that everyone wanted, but nobody chose." Harsh, but possibly the thing she needed to push her to figure out her life and finally become the person she was meant to be all along?

Edie is a relatable character with all he flaws - she's a self-depreciating character who makes assumptions and is naive at times. She is quirky and witty. She has a sort of charm to her that makes me want to be her friend. I adore her character, awkwardness and all.

I also loved that the story was a romantic comedy mixed with other elements. There is family drama of all kinds, friendship issues that make a person question who your real friends are, and the ability that social media is not always what it's cracked up to be. 

Who's That Girl? is a quick read even with the number of pages it is. It moves quickly and will have you laughing out loud and tearing up within the same chapter. I tagged so many pages to refer back to for quotes as there are so many fun pop culture references and amazing topic quotes. 

"She lay in her bed and stared at the universe on her ceiling in the late afternoon murk. Edie used to lie there thinking what a big world it was and how, one day, she was going to strike out into it. 

That had gone well." -pg. 87

"Here's the thing. We know more about each other than ever before, and yet we've never understood each other less." pg. 190 (about social media)

"You get people who are important to you, for as long as you get them. You ever know how long it will be." pg.528

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About the Author:
Mhairi was born in Scotland in 1976 and has been explaining how to pronounce her name ever since. (With a ‘V’, not an ‘M’. Yes, that’s us crazy Celts for you).

She is based in Nottingham where she used to be a local journalist and now she’s a freelance writer and sometime-blogger, which we all know is code for messing about on Twitter.

She likes drinking wine, eating food and obtaining clothes; all the impressive hobbies. Her best anecdotes involve dislocating her elbow tripping over a briefcase and a very bad flight to New York. She lives with a man and a cat.

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  1. That last quote gave me chills!

    Thank you for being on this tour!

    1. That last quote made me think of my Mom, so it made me tear up when I read it. So I thought it was a good quote to share with others regardless their interpretation. The quote has a double meaning in this book. ;)

  2. I love all your tags in your book! So many fun things to go back to!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

    1. It's the easiest way for me to remember quotes and scenes that impacted me.


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