Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10 Bookish Hallowe'en Costumes For Mommy, Daddy and Baby


Having a baby in my life has changed how I look at everything since I want to include her in as much as I can at all times. So why not make this Hallowe'en post about bookish costumes that we can dress up in together (some even include Daddy). This year she will be a strawberry and we are not dressing up (she's so little and no trick or treating for us, but we will visit family for them to see her costume). 

1) Alice in Wonderland inspired: Mommy can be Alice, Daddy as the mad hatter and baby as the doormouse!

2) The Isle of the Lost - Mommy as Maleficent and baby as Mal (or wait until she's older for this one).

3) The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Mommy and/or Daddy as one of the pieces of food from Saturday and baby as the caterpillar. HA! I just googled it and found the cutest family costume!
Very Hungy Caterpillar Costume Idea

4) The Last Unicorn - Daddy as Schmendrick, Mommy as Molly Grue and baby as the unicorn! Now I want to do this! Maybe when she is a toddler.

5) Twilight - Cheesy I know, but it would work! Daddy as Edward, Mommy as Bella and a child as Renesmee. (I guess since she ages fast you could do this with a child from infant to 6 years old?).

6) Harry Potter - okay a few ideas for this one, Harry Potter & Dobby, Harry Potter & the Golden Snitch, Hermione & Crookshanks, Luna & a nargle, Neville & Mandrake... I forsee a lot of Harry Potter dress up in my future!

7) Series of Unfortunate Events - Klaus, Violet and Sunny!

8) Where The Wild Things Are -  Parents as the monsters and baby as Max!

9) Curious George - Daddy/Baby idea - the man with the yellow hat and a monkey.

10) Bookworm - parent dress as a book and baby dressed as a worm.

What kind of bookish costume would you dress up as? Any suggestions for a family costume idea (baby or toddler included)? Have you ever dressed up in a bookish theme for Hallowe'en?


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    1. Thanks! It was fun coming up with so many options!

  2. Aw i love the bookworm idea! My son just turned one, so we decided to opt out of this halloween and wait until the next one to celebrate. But these would've been fun ideas!

    My TTT: http://girlaboutlibrary.blogspot.com/2016/10/five-haunting-books-you-should-read-top.html

    1. Keep them in mind for next year. I know I'm going to.

      My little girl is only 4 months old so she's going as a strawberry (it's a sleep sack). We're not trick or treating, just dressing her up for pictures. :)

  3. The very hungry caterpillar one is HILARIOUS! There were so many cute family Halloween costumes yesterday when I was handing out candy for the trick or treaters!
    Emily @ www.rabbitholereviews.com

    1. I thought of more while reading books to my niece, so I'll have a lot to pick from next year.

      I bet. We don't get any kids where I liv, so had to rely on photos my friends post of their kids.


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