Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dealbreakers: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly NOT Want To Read A Book


Last week was the top ten things that make me WANT to read a book, so it's perfect that this week is the things that make me NOT WANT to read a book.
Dealbreakers: Things That Make Me NOT Read A Book

I made my first infographic style image for this TTT post. What do you all think of it? 


I can`t help it. There are some very terrible covers out there and I am not ashamed to say that I will shy away from them. I love pretty covers, fun typography, interesting colour combinations. 

Boring Blurbs

If the summary or blurb for your book doesn`t grab me, then I`ll probably pass it over. I need something to catch my attention and draw me in. Something to make me what to know more.


I read pretty much any genre of book, but sometimes I find non-fiction to be the hardest one to enjoy. Yes, there are times when I`ve found a really good non-fiction book, but generally I am not into them. 


I`m sure we`ve all had our fair share of jerks or catty girls in our time. I am so over them. Time to move along. 


The first few times I read this type of romance I was okay with it. But now as I`m older, it`s so unrealistic and I can`t really stand it. 

Turtle vs Hare

I`m a Mom who has little time to read as it is, so a slow paced book sometimes makes me fall asleep. And sometimes if it`s a decent story but slow going, I`ll skim parts to get to the good stuff. Time is precious now, so I won`t waste any of it. 

400+ pages

I`m not a fan of really long books. Yes, there are some amazing ones and I do plan to read one hopefully this year (Gone With The Wind – it was my Mom`s copy – and I have her copy of Scarlet as well), but like I said before.... Mom with little reading time. Also, so many books so little time. 

Negative Reviews

This one is 50/50. If there are a ton of negative reviews on a book that I`m iffy on anyway, I`ll probably skip it. If it`s one that I was really excited about I`ll either move it down the TBR list or borrow from library so as not to waste my hard earned money on a book I`m not sure I`ll like. 


See Jerks above. 

Long Series

Everyone tells me to read the Game of Thrones or Outlander series. But OMG they seem so long. And now I can just watch the shows... so... probably won`t get to the shows anytime soon either. I do have a few book series that are long running that I enjoy, but I don`t plan to start any new ones. 

What are your deal breakers?


  1. Definitely agree with some of these!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/top-ten-tuesday-104/

  2. Hahahaha I have both Game of Thrones AND Outlander and I have yet to pick them up. I TRIED Game of Thrones and died a little inside then my eyes started hurting because of the teeny tiny font on those mass market paperbacks. Also, no jerks!!! Insta-love is a bit meeeeehh. I will excuse it every once in a while ;)

    1. Okay I can agree on the instalove- once in a while isn't too bad. Glad I'm not alone with GoT and Outlander.


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