Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Timeless Tour Discussion | #TimelessTour @SimonSchusterCA

Today I'll be answering the discussion questions about the three books for the Timeless Tour.

What was your favourite historical time period among the Timeless Tour reads? Did you know anything about this period before you began reading the book?

I think the time period I enjoyed the more was the era during Promises to Keep as I really don't know a lot about this time in Canada or about the Acadians. I actually want to learn more about this part of Canadian history now. I did know a bit about Versailles and the royalty from this time, though I didn't know about Louis' mistresses. And I hadn't really read much about medieval time and the plague so that is always interesting as well.

How did the historical events in each book influence the character’s choices and personalities?

I would have to say that the things happening in all of the main characters' lives just proved to make them more resilient and resourceful. Jeanne grew up poor and used her beauty to get her to her desired place in society, yet used her gained knowledge and beauty to stay there. Amelie was determined to keep her family safe and did anything and everything she could to ensure that it happened. Beatrice uses her intelligence to her benefit. (I'm still reading The Scribe of Siena as my review is due next week so I'm not 100% done learning about Beatrice yet).

If you could invite one of the Timeless Tour leading ladies (Beatrice, Jeanne, or Amelie) to dinner, who would you choose and why?

I'd pick Amelie, because I'd love to hear more about the Acadian way of life and her time growing up side by side with the Mi'kmaq. It seemed quite idyllic before the English arrived. I've already learned quite a bit about Versailles and visited the palace when I went to Paris and though learning about the plague from Beatrice would be very interesting, I think I'm just drawn to learning more history about my own country first. Plus, I feel a bit of a kinship to Amelie.

The Scribe of Siena starts in the present before Beatrice is transported back in time to 1347, whereas Promises to Keep and Enemies of Versailles are firmly rooted in one timeline. How did this change your reading experience?

I'm not quite done reading this book yet, but I don't think it really changed anything as most time travel books that I've read start in the present and flip back and forth. So I don't mind that in a book. Sometimes I find it more exciting reading about two different time periods that one character has the chance to be a part of. It's also interesting to see them adapt. 

In the past, powerful women have been written out of textbooks. How do the protagonists of the Timeless Tour reads challenge the misconception that women in history were passive, submissive and dependent?

Funny how history books make women sound like they were all passive, submissive and dependent when I really think there were a lot more who tried to be independent and make their voices heard. I think all three women overcame the exact things that were meant to keep them dependent in the first place. Jeanne rose to a more prominent role in society, Amelie spoke her mind often - even to the soldiers and from what I've read so far Beatrice doesn't shrink back from the challenge of being thrown in the past. I think they all do a fantastic job of crushing the misconception of women in those time periods and we need to read about more like them.

Have you read any of these books? What are your answers to the questions above? Any thoughts on the stereotypes of passive women in history? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. <3 Canadian History is awesome! :) Thanks for all your thoughtful answers.

    1. It is awesome! I love the fact that your are writing about Canadian history.


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