Friday, June 30, 2017

Books About Canada For Children

Spencer and I have been enjoying our local library almost weekly since I've been on maternity leave, so I thought we'd put together a fun list of books about Canada that we've borrowed from the library and a few that we own! Hope you enjoy!

Canada ABC by Paul Covello - an amazing picture book featuring some of the iconic things that are truly Canadian (Inukshuk, the Loonie, Totem Poles, etc)
Toronto ABC by Paul Covello - a wonderful look at the sites of Toronto (Casa Loma, Toronto Zoo, CN Tower and more)
Hello Humpback! by Robert Budd and Roy Henry Vickers - gorgeous Haida inspired artwork depicting brightly magical looking animals.
Night-Night Canada by Katherine Sully and Helen Poole - A goodnight book that shows landmarks from all of the provinces and territories.
Goodnight Canada by Andrea Beck - another great book that highlights many famous places across our great land with cute illustrations and lots of Canadiana hidden on each page.
Santa is Coming to Canada by Steve Smallman and Robert Dunn - a brightly illustrated book about Santa making his way from coast to coast while seeing some amazing landmarks along the way. Also, the typography allows for some very expressive reading out loud - it's a lot of fun and very engaging.

What are some of your favourite children's books (board books or picture books) about Canada? 

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