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Harry Potter Tag

This tag was created by Just Keep Reading, but I found it over at Reading Away The Days.


Favorite Book 
My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. So many things happen in this book (Hermione's time turner) and we meet so many great characters (Lupin and Sirius Black).

Least Favorite Book
I don't have a least favourite. I love them all for different reasons.

Favorite Movie
My favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part two. The Hogwarts battle scene was outstanding. I loved Neville! And all of the wizards coming together to fight the ultimate evil. 

Least Favorite movie
My least favorite movie is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because many things are not translated well from the book and after having just listened to the audio book again and then watching the movie back to back, I really felt what was missing. I know this can be said about all of the movies, but I really felt it with this one.

Favorite Quote
It makes me tear up every freaking time. And it made me have a new respect for Snape.



Favorite Weasley
My favorite Weasley is tied between Molly and Ron. I love Molly's protective Momma bear stance (especially her fight scene with Bellatrix). And I love Ron for his aloofness.

Favorite female character
The obvious is Hermione. We'd be BFFs at Hogwarts, but I have a soft spot for Luna. She is my all time favourite female character. I love her quirkiness. Oh and that is followed by Moaning Myrtle (especially the movie version).

Favorite villain
Definitely Umbridge. She is the ultimate evil in her pink outfit and high pitched voice. You have to love to hate her.

Favorite male character
Snape because there is more to him than you realize at first.

Favorite Professor
Professor Mcgonagall because she's smart, caring and has just the right amount of sass. I love when she talks about Gryffindor kicking ass at Quidditch. And umm... she can turn into a cat. (I love cats).


Would you rather?

Wash Snape's hair or spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself.
Listen to Lockhart – I can tune him out. It's a new skill I've learned since becoming a mother. And Snape's hair sounds greasy and gross.

Duel an elated Bellatrix or an angry Molly 
Probably Molly. Bellatrix scares me. Molly might see reason.

Travel to Hogwarts VIA the Hogwarts Express or Flying Car
Definitely Hogwarts Express. I want the full experience of Platform 9¾, eating all of the goodies we can buy from the trolley witch and just chilling with your friends catching up on things.

Kiss Voldemort or give Umbridge a bubble bath
Hard decision. Voldemort is creepy as f*ck. What kind of kiss are we talking here? Peck or French? If it's a peck the definitely the kiss, but if it's more then I'd take Umbridge even though she drives me bonkers. Perhaps the bubble bath would relax her enough that she'd stop talking for a while?

Ride a Hippogriff or a firebolt
Hippogriff 100%. I'd feel safer on Buckbeak! I think I'd fall off a broom.


Book to movie adaptation

Is there a character which you felt differently about in the movies vs books? 
Dumbledore. I think in the books there is so much more to him than we see in the movies. I enjoyed his character a lot more in the books.

Is there a movie you preferred instead of the book?
Nope. Books all the way. I'm currently working my way through them all via audio book narrated by Jim Dale and they are fantastic this way. Highly suggest everyone give them a try. And I've been watching the corresponding movie right after – what a difference. I forgot how much is left out from the books. 

Richard Harris or Micheal Gambon as Dumbledore?
They were both great, but I'm picking Michael Gambon – he just looks like the Dumbledore I picture in my head when reading the books.

Your top thing (person or event) which wasn't included in the movie that annoyed you the most.
Each movie was missing things. In Prisoner of Azkaban they changed a lot of the scenes from Ron getting pulled under the whomping willow by the dog (Sirius) up until the time turner section. I feel like the discussion had at the shrieking shack was explained so much better in the book and they gloss over a lot in the movie. That's just one exmple.

If you could remake any of the Potter movies, which would it be?
I don't think I'd redo them at all. They work even though so much had to be changed of left out to make them work.


Which House was your first gut feeling you'd be a part of?
I thought I'd be Gryffindor and hoped to be Ravenclaw.

Which House where you actually sorted into on Pottermore?
Hufflepuff. And I'm actually happy about this. Though I feel like maybe I'm a Huffleclaw/Ravenpuff? 


 Which class would be your favorite?
I think I'd like Herbology and Divination.  

Which spell do you think would be the most useful to learn?
Accio – the summoning charm. I could use it to have things come to me anytime I need them. It would save so much time. Especially if you misplace things. Also, I'm slightly lazy at times.

Which character do you think at Hogwarts you'd instantly become friends with?
Hermione and Luna. Hermione and I would click right away and become BFFs. Luna would be my quirky friend who makes me smile and feel accepted.


If you could own one of the three hallows, which would it be?
The invisibility cloak. The others seem more powerful then I'd like to be responsible for. 

Is there any aspect of the books you'd want to change? This could be a character, event or anything.
Oh man. This is a hard question. Probably some of the deaths... I'd want to save Dobby, Hedwig, Fred and Sirius. Pretty much all of the good guys, but that's not terribly realistic and when you change this it causes the butterfly effect and who knows what worse things would happen then.

Favorite Marauder?
Sirius and Lupin. They are my faves.

If you could bring one character back to life, which would it be?
Dobby. I felt like it was unnecessary to kill him.
Hallows or Horcruxes?

Horcruxes are freaky, so I'm going with Hallows.

How has it been 20 years already? I feel so old. Let me know if you do this tag, I'd love to read your answers.


  1. Loved this tag! I couldn't agree more that so much was left out of the books! I was sad that Winky was completely left out of Order of the Phoenix. I really need to start a re-read of this series.

    1. I forgot about Winky until I just did a reread.

  2. Harry Potter is so special. I feel like people who have never read the books don't really understand just how special. I was 12 the first time I read them- I'm 30 now- I had to wait years for release dates from the third book on. Oh the memories.

    Oh, Always. I have that tattooed on my collarbone- It carries so much meaning.

    I enjoyed reading your answers. I love HP!

    1. These books are amazing for all ages. I am really enjoying listening to the series and Jim.Dale is an amazing narrator.

      Glad you enjoyed this tag.


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