Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's National Book Lovers Day, So Let's Read Like Rory!

From the first moment that I watched Gilmore Girls, I knew I found the show for me. So many pop culture references, but the one that had me was all of the book references. Lo and behold, I found a complete list of every book mentioned during the time the show ran. I'm still working on reading more from this list as it's so diverse from classics to non-fiction and young readers to adult fiction there's something for everyone!

And while looking for more Gilmore Girls reading references, I found this article about Read Like Rory Gilmore and thought I should totally write up a post about Rory and her reading/books. Pretty much this is a list of all of the great references to bookish awesomeness in Gilmore Girls!
Let me know if you've tried doing this challenge or have any other links I should check out! Hope you found this listing of GG reading articles interesting.



  1. <3
    I'll be working on this list until the day I die! I'm currently at 22. >_< SO many of them were already on my TBR before seeing the list.

    Cass @ Words on Paper

    1. I feel the same! I think I've read 30 something. And so many I want to read that I hope to get to one day. 😀


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