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Reasons I Love My Library! | Ontario Library Week 15-21 #GetTheCard

It's that time of year again where we celebrate and promote out local libraries! It's Ontario Library Week! I've decided this year that I'm going to make a post about all of the amazing reasons that I love my library.

My most recent reason for adoring my library is the children's area. Our library has an awesome play area with a train table, a giant Connect Four game, infant toy section, computers, craft area with weekly crafts, Lego/Mega Blocks, musical instruments, puzzles, colouring pages and more! And of course an overwhelming selection of board books, picture books, middle grade readers, DVDs, audiobooks, and video games to borrow!
Lately, I've been using the Overdrive application on my cell phone to listen to audiobooks and read ebooks. I love that I can download the books I'm wanting access to right on my phone and not need to run to the library to get them. I've been finding it easy to listen to books while I go for walks on my lunch hour or cutting the lawn. They have a wide selection of titles.

Hoopla is the newest application that I want to try, but I've heard amazing things from friends. I think it's going to be a handy way to watch TV shows and movies. I already have Netflix at home, but I think since there are a lot of shows missing or that have been retired from Netflix, that perhaps I'll be able to find them on there. I'll be giving it a try this week actually.

My local library hosts an annual Local Author Showcase in summer with used book sale. It's a host to a wide variety of authors from children's picture books and memoirs to both fiction and non-fiction. I've met quite a few interesting people when attending - like author/illustrator Peggy Collins.

Each week the head librarian writes an article for the local newspaper. The topics vary from new releases, upcoming programs, tips on picking the right book for you, etc. I love ripping open the paper to see what she'll write next. It's how I found out about Blind Date With A Book years ago.

They also attend the Farmer's Market and have a booth for kids to listen to stories and play games and make crafts while their parents are shopping the booths. Sometimes they even have surprise guests like Belle!

Our library has an amazing YA section and graphic novel selection. I know they are trying to appeal to the younger generations and I think they are doing a great job in our town.These sections keep growing and they are sure to bring in the hottest new releases.

There are some really fun programs that our library has started and continues to run each year. Some of my favourites are Graffiti in the Margins (I still need to try this, but I've been donating books to use), Blind Date With A Book for both adults and children (my first and second years participating), Teen Paint Nites, lending of telescopes for use at the viewing center, bicycles to use around town, museum passes for local places and in bigger cities and GPS lending for geocaching in the area. Our library is so much more then books!
I love that there are multiple branches to reach as much of the community as possible. I've attended three of the locations and they are all different. The one closest to me just closed down as it was tiny and not visited enough (which made me sad because it was a five minute walk), the main branch which hosts many of the exciting events they have during the year and another branch about a 20 minutes drive from my home that seems to be the children and teen hub (it happens to be located at the community centre where the swimming pool and arena are located).

Our library has a very active social media presence and they are interactive with those that reach out to them. I follow them via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I love interacting with them whether it's to ask a specific question, to find out upcoming events or discuss a great new read.

Overall, I love their dedication to community involvement both in person and via online avenues. It just shows their dedication to their clients and their understanding of the changing needs in our society. I'm hoping to pass along my love of reading and libraries to my daughter and they are already making my job that much easier with all that they do.

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I also have access to another library system close by in the city that I work and I've been lucky enough to check out some of the amazing things they do as well, including a traveling exhibit about Anne Frank. But since we moved five years ago, I only visit this one a few times a year now.

So tell me what you love most about your local library. Do they have any interesting or unique programs that I should ask my library to try?

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