Thursday, March 1, 2018

World Book Day | #WorldBookDay

It's World Book Day! 

This is the 21st year for celebrating World Book Day and it's to honour authors, illustrators, books and reading! For more information and to find some amazing things to do today, check out the WBD site.

Today I'll be celebrating by reading books with my toddler at bedtime. She can't have just one book each night anyway, but tonight we'll read as many as she pleases including the new ones she received from Thomas Allen & Sons recently. 

This lucky little girl received three more books in the I Can Do It series by Cottage Door Press. She received Everybody Potties! for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy and the new ones for review are: The Peas Say Please, Big Bed For Little Bear and Good Night, Octopus. We are looking forward to adding more from this series to her bookshelf as we are finding them to be some of the best learning books out there so far.They are fun and easy to read, the images are wonderfully illustrated and she just loves pointing to the different things happening in the books. A favourite right now is Good Night, Octopus as it pretty follows our bedtime routine to a T. 

Another that we are working on is The Peas Say Please to help her learn her manners - so far she has learned to say Please or as she pronounces it "Meese!", Help Me (Hop Me Meese) and Thank You (Tanku). We'll keep working on these, but the book is making it much easier for her to understand based on the illustrations inside. 

We bought the Everybody Potties book for Christmas because she was showing signs of wanting to potty train, but that has since been put on the back burner as her interest has changed. But we still read the book here and there to see if her interest returns. When looking for a potty training book, I looked high and lo through so many stores and read so many board books, but nothing jumped at me that said, "She will be encouraged with this one" or "This one looks fun and informative". That is until I stumbled upon this book at a locally run Children's Toy Store (they sell the most educational toys and books). I knew it was the right book for us and I was so excited to see this was part of a series of books. 

Check out more from the I Can Do It Series here.

How are you celebrating World Book Day today?

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