Monday, April 23, 2018

Using my TBR Jar again...

I made this TBR Jar back in 2015 and it sat on my shelf all pretty and unused. I had so many review books to get through and then I kind of took I hiatus when I was pregnant and now I am trying to tackle my obscene TBR pile (all while continually adding new review books to my shelves).

The only real reason it has come back to my attention is the fact that my toddler pulls everything she can reach off my shelves. She brought me the jar the other day and wanted to look at the papers inside. So, I dumped it out to take a peak and see if it still applies and it does! 

The things I wrote on the papers were things like: horror, thriller, romance; red cover, blue cover, yellow cover; A, B, C; Kathy Reichs, Bertrice Small. So genres, cover ideas, letters of alphabet to chose a book starting with that letter or books by a certain author. Oh and the best one: book that's been on TBR the longest! 

I have decided that I'll be using this in combination with reading my review copies (trying to get caught up) and reading books for the TBR Pile Challenge (since that had to be predetermined). I hope this will help me tackle my huge pile of unread books.

Do you have a TBR Jar? Either way, what did/would you write on the slips of paper? Leave a comment because you just might inspire me to add more slips to my jar!

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