Monday, June 18, 2018

NetGalley Addicition | Trying To Request Less & Finally Get Caught Up

So here it is... my NetGalley confession. I have a ridiculous amount of books to get caught up on via NetGalley (many were the Read Now books available and I'd get carried away clicking my little heart out). And a few were ones I asked for, but got sidetracked from actually reading them. This work/life balance thing is hard y'all - especially when you add in a child. Things get out of control very easily - either work suffers or some aspect of your personal life does and believe me that usually ends up being chores or random to do lists.

I'm hoping to read quite a few from my backlist of NetGalley review books to get caught up. I want my feedback ratio to be higher and to not feel guilty about the number I still have outstanding. Recently I've read a handful from this list, but I need to get my thoughts together to write reviews before I can submit them.

 I know I'm not alone, because I found this group on Goodreads: NetGalley Addicts Support Group!

-DO NOT ask for any more books until I am caught up or within 5 books of being caught up. No matter how much I want to read a book. I need to get my ratio up and clear the backlog. 
-Read at least ONE book a month from this overwhelming pile. 
-Catch up on reviews so that I can post them on NetGalley ASAP.

What are some tips you have for getting caught up and staying up to date with your NetGalley review books?

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