Wednesday, July 11, 2018

To Continue Blogging or Not...

Recently, I made the decision to not renew my domain name. I know! This was a big decision for me, since has been a big part of my life for many years, but I find I am not able to blog nearly as much as I had in the past and I'm struggling to even write reviews at all. I'm still happily reading and listening to audiobooks, but I don't seem to have the time/energy to sit and blog that often anymore.

So I think the first step for me is to let go of my domain name and just keep my boring old Blogger web address - - this way I still have my blog, but I'm not paying for a service that I don't really need.

The next step is deciding if I'll blog at all anymore or if I'll just review my reads directly on Goodreads and what my reviews will look like going forward... fully thought out reviews, quick thoughts right after reading, another format? I still hang around Twitter and Instagram too and hope to start posting more bookish related photos on IG again with quick thoughts on my reads. I have a huge back log of reviews that I need to write up and am debating on just logging on to Goodreads and writing my thoughts down quickly and rating the books. I'm thinking that formatting a blog post is what keeps my from writing my thoughts down lately and this leads me to think it's almost time to say goodbye to my blog. I don't want to close it down, just maybe not continue writing anymore.

I have been constantly emailing myself links to post ideas, bookmarking all kinds of fun reading related things to do or try, but never have time for them. Ugh.

Decisions, decisions.

Being a Mom to a rambunctious 2 year old, working, taking care of a home and large property has been taking it's toll on my energy and time for actual blogging. I find that when I have a moment of quiet, that all I want to do is chill, browse social media or read. The more I write in this post, the more I feel like I'm making a decision already. Maybe I'm just not ready to say goodbye just yet?

Any one else go through something similar and make a come back later on - or did you just make a clean break and moved on in the next stage of your reader life? Any regrets?

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