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If There's No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout | Excerpt & Blog tour

If There's No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Published: September 5, 2017
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 480
Find Online: Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | Books-A-Million

Lena Wise is always looking forward to tomorrow, especially at the start of her senior year. She's ready to pack in as much friend time as possible, to finish college applications, and to maybe let her childhood best friend Sebastian know how she really feels about him. For Lena, the upcoming year is going to be epic--one of opportunities and chances.

Until one choice, one moment, destroys everything.

Now Lena isn't looking forward to tomorrow. Not when friend time may never be the same. Not when college applications feel all but impossible. Not when Sebastian might never forgive her for what happened.

For what she let happen.

With the guilt growing each day, Lena knows that her only hope is to move on. But how can she move on when she and her friends' entire existences have been redefined? How can she move on when tomorrow isn't even guaranteed?

I've been lucky to be chosen as part of the tour for If There's No Tomorrow and today I have an excerpt from the middle of Chapter 2! I'll also have a review up on the blog in September. Hope you enjoy this little snippet as much as I did!

Sitting down on the edge of my bed, I was just about to crack the book open when I heard a soft rapping coming from the balcony doors. For a split second, I froze as my heart-rate spiked , then I hopped to my feet, dropping the book on my bed.
It could only be one person: Sebastian.
After throwing the lock, I opened the doors and there was no stopping the wide smile from racing across my face. Apparently there was also no stopping my body either, because I propelled myself through the threshold, arms and legs moving without thought.
I collided with a taller and much, much harder body. Sebastian grunted as I threw my arms around his broad shoulders and practically face-planted his chest. I inhaled the familiar fresh scent of detergent his mom had been using since forever.
There wasn’t a moment of hesitation from Sebastian as his arms swept around me.
There never was.
Lena.” His voice was deep—deeper than I remembered, which was strange, because he’d only been gone for one month. But a month felt like an eternity when you saw someone nearly every day of your life and then suddenly didn’t. We’d kept in touch over the summer, texting and even a few phone calls, but it wasn’t the same as having him here.
Sebastian hugged me back as he lifted me up so my feet dangled a few inches off the floor before he settled me back down. He lowered his head as his chest rose sharply against mine, sending a wave of warmth all the way to the tips of my toes.
You really missed me, huh?” he said, fingers curling through the wet strands of my hair.
Yes. God, I did miss him. I’d missed him way too much. “No.” My voice was muffled against his chest. “I just thought you were the hot guy I waited on tonight.”
Whatever.” He chuckled against the top of my head. “There was no hot guy at Joanna’s.
How do you know?”
Two reasons: First, I’m the only hot guy that ever steps one foot into that place and I wasn’t there,” he said.
Wow. Real modest, Sebastian.”
I’m just speaking the truth.” His tone was light, teasing. “And second, if you thought I was somehow else, you wouldn’t still be attached to me like Velcro.”
He had point.
I pulled back, dropping my arms to my sides. “Shut up.”
He chuckled again. I always loved his little laughs. They were infectious, even when you were in a bad mood. You couldn’t help but smile.
I thought you weren’t coming back until Saturday,” I said as I stepped inside my bedroom.
Sebastian followed. “Dad decided I needed to be back for the scrimmage game tomorrow night, even though I’m not playing. But he’d already worked everything out with the coach. You know how Dad is.”
His father was the stereotypical football-obsessed father who pushed and pushed and pushed Sebastian when it came to playing ball. So much so that I was downright shocked when Sebastian announced that they would be out of town while there was football practice. Knowing his dad, I bet he had Sebastian up every morning at the butt crack of dawn running and catching.
Your mom’s asleep?” he asked as I closed the balcony doors.
Yeah….” I turned around and got a good look at him now that he was standing in the light of my bedroom. As embarrassing as it would be admit, and I would never admit it, I completely lost my train of thought.
Sebastian was...he was effortlessly beautiful. It wasn’t often you could say that about a guy…or about anyone, to be honest.
His hair was a shade somewhere in-between brown and black, cropped close on the sides and longer on the top, falling forward in a messy wave that nearly reached dark brown eyebrows. His lashes were criminally thick, framing eyes that were the color of the deepest denim jeans. His face was all angles, with high cheekbones, a blade of a nose and a hard, defined jaw. A scar cut into his upper lip, just right of a well-formed cupid’s bow. It had happened our sophomore year during football practice, when he’d taken a hit that had knocked his helmet off. His shoulder pads had caught him in the mouth, splitting the upper lip.
But the scar fit him.
I couldn’t tear my gaze from his basketball shorts and a plain white tee shirt as he glanced around my bedroom. When he was younger, back in a middle school, he’d been tall, all arms and legs, but now he’d filled out in every way, with muscles on muscles and sculpting that rivaled Greek marble statues. Years of playing football would do that to a body, I imagined.
Sebastian wasn’t simply the cute boy who lived next door anymore.
We’d been doing this for years, ever since he figured out it was easier than going to my front door. He’d head out his back door, come into our backyard through a gate, and then it was short walk up the steps that led to the balcony deck.
Our parents knew he could get to my bedroom this way, but we’d grownup together. To them—and to Sebastian—we were like brother and sister.
I also suspected they didn’t know the visits occurred at night. That hadn’t started until we were both thirteen, the first night my Dad was gone.
I leaned against the door, biting the inside of my cheek.
Sebastian Harwell was one of the most popular guys in school, but that wasn’t surprising. Not when he was gorgeous. Talented. Funny. Smart. Nice. He was in his own league.
He was also one of my best friends.
For reasons I didn’t want to examine too closely, he made my bedroom appear smaller when he was in it, the bed too tiny and the air too thick.
What in the hell are you watching?” he asked, keeping his voice low as he stared at the TV.
I looked at the screen. There was a guy with bushy, crazy looking brown hair waving his hands around. “UmAncient Aliens reruns.
Alrighty then. Guess it’s less morbid than the forensics show you watch. Sometimes I worry….” Sebastian trailed off as he faced me. His head tilted to the side. “Is that…my shirt?”
Oh. Oh my God.
My eyes widened as I remembered what I was wearing: his old freshmen practice shirt. A couple of years ago he left it over here for some reason or another, and I kept it.
Like a stalker.
My cheeks flushed, and the blush raced down the front of my body. And there was a whole lot of body on display. The shirt hung off one shoulder, I had no bra, and I fought the urge to tug on the hem of the shirt.
I told myself not to freak out, because he’d seen me in bathing suits a million times. This was no different.
But it was.
It is my shirt.” Thick lashes lowered, shielding his eyes as he sat on my bed. “Wondered where that went.”
I didn’t know what to say. I was suddenly petrified, plastered to the door. Did he think me wearing his shirt to sleep was weird? Because yeah, it was kind of weird. I couldn’t deny that.
He threw himself down on the bed then immediately sat up. “Ow. What the hell?” Rubbing his back, he twisted at the waist. “Jesus.” He picked up my book and held it out. “You’re reading this?”
My eyes narrowed. “Yeah. What’s wrong with that?”
This thing could double as a weapon. You could hit me over the head with this thing, kill me and then end up on one of those shows you watch on ID.”
I rolled my eyes. “That’s a bit excessive.”
Whatever.” He tossed the book to the other side of the bed. “Were you getting ready for bed?”
I was getting ready to read before I was rudely interrupted,” I joked. Forcing myself away from the door, I slowly dragged my way over to where he was now stretched out on his side, lying there like it was his bed, cheek resting on his fist. “But someone, no name’s mentioned, is now here.”
His lips kicked up at the sides. “Want me to leave?”
Didn’t think so.” He patted the spot next to him. “Come talk with me. Tell me everything I’ve missed.”
Ordering myself not to act like a complete dork, I sat on the bed, which wasn’t easy because of the shirt. I so did not want to flash him. Or maybe I did want to flash him. But he probably didn’t want that.
You haven’t missed much,” I said, glancing at my bedroom door. Thank God I’d closed it already. “Keith’s thrown a couple of parties—”
You went to them without me?” He pressed his hand to his chest. “My heart. It hurts.”
I grinned at him as I stretched my legs out, crossing them at the ankles. “I went with the girls. I didn’t go by myself. And so what if I did?”
The grin went up a notch. “Did he have any down by the lake?”
Shaking my head, I tugged on the hem of my shirt as I wiggled my toes. “No. Just at his place.”
Cool.” When I looked over at him, his lashes were lowered. His free hand rested on the bed between us. His fingers were long and slender, skin tan from being outside all the time. “You do anything else? Go out with anyone?”
I stopped moving my toes, and my head swung back toward him. That was a random question. “Not really.”

An eyebrow rose as his gaze lifted to mine.
I quickly changed the subject. “By the way, guess who stopped in at Joanna’s tonight, asking about you?”
Who wouldn’t stop by asking about me?”
I shot him a bland look.
He grinned. “Who?”
Skylar. Apparently she’s been messaging you and you’ve been ignoring her.”
I haven’t been ignoring her.” He reached up, knocking the flop of hair off his forehead. “I just haven’t been responding.”
A frown tugged down the corners of my lips. “Isn’t that the same thing?”
What did she want?” he asked instead of answering.
To talk to you.” I leaned back against the headboard and grabbed the pillow, thrusting it into my lap. “She said… she asked me to tell you that she was asking for you.”
Well, look at you, doing as you’re told.” He paused, his grin increasing. “For once.”
I chose to ignore that comment. “She also said she thought breaking up with you was a mistake.”
His head jerked back and that grin faded. “She said that?”
My heart started pounding in my chest. He sounded surprised. Was that a happy surprise or bad one? Did he still care about her? “Yeah.”
Sebastian didn’t move for a second and then shook his head. “Whatever.” His hand moved lightning fast, snatching the pillow out of my lap. He shoved it under his head.
Help yourself,” I muttered, tugging the shirt back up my shoulder.
Just did.” He smiled up at me. “You have another freckle.”
What?” I turned my head to him. Since I could remember, my face looked like it got hit with a freckle cannon. “There is no way you can tell if I have another freckle.”
I can tell. Lean over. I can even show you where.”
I hesitated, eyeing him.
Come on,” he coaxed, hooking his finger at me.
Inhaling a shallow breath, I leaned toward him. Hair slipped over my shoulder as he lifted his hand.
That grin was back, playing over his lips. “Right there….” He pressed the tip of his finger to the center of my chin. I sucked in air. His lashes swept down. “That’s a new one.”
For a moment, I couldn’t move. All I could do was sit there, leaning toward him with his finger touching my chin. It was crazy and stupid, because it was just the softest touch, but I felt it in every cell of my body.
He lowered his hand to the space between us again.
I exhaled a shaky breath. “You are…you are so stupid.”
You love me,” he said.

About the Author:
# 1 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer L. Armentrout Lives in West Virginia.

All the rumors you heard about her state aren’t true.

Well, mostly. When she's not hard at work writing, she spends her time, reading, working out, watching zombie movies, and pretending to write.

She is the author of the Covenant Series (Spencer Hill Press), the Lux Series (Entangled Teen), Don't Look Back (Disney/Hyperion) and a yet untitled novel (Disney/Hyperion), and new YA paranormal series with Harlequin Teen.

Jennifer also writes New Adult and Adult romance under the pen name J. Lynn. The Gamble Brothers Series (Tempting the Best Man/Tempting the Player) and Wait for You. Under her pen name, she is published with Entangled Brazen and HarperCollins.


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Corliss (Girls of Spindrift #1) by V.C. Andrews
Published: June 12, 2017
Publisher: Pocket Star Ebook
Received: from publisher for honest review
Find Online: Amazon | Goodreads

V.C. Andrews®, the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Flowers in the Attic and My Sweet Audrina, delights readers Book One of the Girls of Spindrift, CORLISS

Here begins a haunting new series featuring highly intelligent teenage girls who struggle to survive a specialized high school and find their place in a world that doesn’t understand them. Such is the burden of being brilliant. 

Corliss is not like the other girls at her Los Angeles high school. Incredibly intelligent, shy, and a loner, she has difficultly in fitting in. What’s worse, a clique of girls is out to get her because she’s not down with their games.

On the night of a school party, her refusal to take drugs with the girls leads them to take matters into their own hands—spiking her drink. Quickly, Corliss’s entire life is turned upside down and no one—not even the handsome valedictorian who had agreed to go out with her—looks at her the same way. Just when she’s wondering if she’ll be able to return to her high school, someone mentions a new place: Spindrift. Could that be her way out?

Note: The four Girls of Spindrift e-novellas together form a prequel for Bittersweet Dreams—available now!

Since this is one of four novellas that lead up to the book Bittersweet Dreams, it's not fleshed out as much as a normal length book would, but just enough backstory on Corliss to understand why she is at her new school and to understand what happened to her before she went there. I really like the idea that these girls are STEM girls and we'll get to learn about four of them. Corliss has to deal with mean girls and their horrible treatment of her - spiking her drink at a school function, leaving her looking like she's trouble when she's really the good girl. I have not yet read Bittersweet Dreams, but think once I've read the four novellas that I will give it a try! 

This buildup using novellas to explore characters before the final full length story, reminds me of V.C. Andrews' Orphans series, Wildflowers series, and Shooting Stars series.

Donna (Girls of Spindrift #2) by V.C. Andrews
Published: August 14, 2017
Publisher: Pocket Star Ebook
Received: from publisher for honest review
Find Online: Amazon | Goodreads

The second book in The Girls of Spindrift series is DONNA

Being gifted is not something Donna ever wanted. It’s difficult enough to have a Latino father and Irish mother, and her genius only separates her even more from the other girls. They don’t say it, but they blame her for everything that goes wrong, just because she’s different.

And on the precise day she tries her hardest to fit in, everything turns out a disaster. A fight breaks out, and somehow Donna ends up in the middle. It’s not her fault, but it’s her word against theirs, and this time, the other girls aren’t going to stay quiet. The only solution might be to escape to the mysterious school her counselor is telling her about: Spindrift.  

Note: The four Girls of Spindrift e-novellas together form a prequel for Bittersweet Dreams—available now!

The thing that these girls have in common is their intelligence and the fact that they get picked on. Interesting how much they just try to either fit in or not be noticed. It saddens me that they get bullied because they are smart, but I know that is a jealousy thing on the others' part. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the girls when the reach this new school - Spindrift.

Girls of Spindrift Giveaway: Enter to win one paperback copy of Bittersweet Dreams! (The four Girls of Spindrift e-novellas together form a prequel for Bittersweet Dreams.) U.S. only.

Bittersweet Dreams by V.C. Andrews
Published: October 1, 2015
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pages: 371
Find Online: Amazon | Goodreads

Mayfair Cummings is young, beautiful, and brilliant. But her intelligence makes her the outcast of both the private school she attends and the broken family she hopes to salvage. When she catches the eye of both a popular senior and her handsome English teacher, not even her brilliant mind can help her navigate the explosive new relationships she is forming, or a scandal that is brewing…

About the author: 
V.C. Andrews® has been a bestselling phenomenon since the publication of her classic Flowers in the Attic. That blockbuster novel began her renowned Dollanganger family saga, which includes Petals on the Wind, If There Be Thorns, Seeds of Yesterday, and Garden of Shadows. Since then, readers have been captivated by more than seventy novels in V.C. Andrews’s bestselling series. V.C. Andrews’s novels have sold more than 106 million copies.

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It's National Book Lovers Day, So Let's Read Like Rory!

From the first moment that I watched Gilmore Girls, I knew I found the show for me. So many pop culture references, but the one that had me was all of the book references. Lo and behold, I found a complete list of every book mentioned during the time the show ran. I'm still working on reading more from this list as it's so diverse from classics to non-fiction and young readers to adult fiction there's something for everyone!

And while looking for more Gilmore Girls reading references, I found this article about Read Like Rory Gilmore and thought I should totally write up a post about Rory and her reading/books. Pretty much this is a list of all of the great references to bookish awesomeness in Gilmore Girls!
Let me know if you've tried doing this challenge or have any other links I should check out! Hope you found this listing of GG reading articles interesting.


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Before the Dawn by Cynthia Eden | Blog Tour Excerpt

Before the Dawn (Killer Instinct #2) by Cynthia Eden
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: August 1, 2017
Pages: 384
Find Online: Goodreads | Amazon | Books-A-Million | B&N

The Killer Instinct series from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden continues as an FBI profiler tracks a case that resurrects ghosts from his past

Ex-SEAL Tucker Frost knows that the world is full of evil. He saw it in the face of his own brother, Mason Frost, a cold, methodical, sadistic killer. A killer Tucker put down with his own hands in order to save Mason's final victim—Dawn Alexander, the only girl who got away from the infamous "Iceman."

It's Tucker's up close and personal experience with evil that's made him perfect for Samantha Dark's experimental profiling division in the FBI. Samantha wants agents who have personal ties with killers, who have unique insights into the minds of monsters. And when women start turning up murdered with the same MO used by the Iceman, Tucker is sent back to Louisiana to investigate.

The last person he expects to see is his ex-lover, Dawn. Ten full years have passed since the night that Tucker faced down his brother…and since he last saw Dawn. But the dark need still burns just as hot between Tucker and Dawn. As they grapple with a desire that never died, they must also face the shared shadow from their pasts. Both Tucker and Dawn have the same question—has Mason Frost come back from the dead to hunt again? And this time, will he succeed in killing the victim who got away?

“We have all been in life-and-death situations with serials. We know how dangerous they are. We don’t un derestimate them. We see them from a unique perspec tive that no one else can fully appreciate.” She exhaled as she moved around the table. “And that perspective is going to help us. It will allow us to think outside of the box. It will allow us to notice things that others can not. It will allow us to stop the perpetrators before they take more innocent victims.” 

Hell, yes. That was what he wanted. Why he’d agreed to join this group when Samantha had ap proached him. He’d been working in Violent Crimes for years now, but going back to profiling, it was ex actly what he needed. 

Maybe the guilt will finally stop. If he could stop enough serials. If he could make a difference, if, if, if. “You all know that there are currently 25 to 50 ac tive serial killers hunting in the United States.” Her lips thinned. “Or at least, that’s the number we’re supposed to be working with.” The number that the FBI bandied about to the media.

“I think there are more,” Bowen said, his voice rumbling. “I think there are hunters who are so good at killing, the authorities have no idea they’re out there. They’re flying right beneath the radar, pick ing victims that no one will miss, and they’re getting away with murder.” 

“That’s where we come in,” Samantha said with a nod. “Part of our job will be to try to find those unknown killers. We will unmask the ones who are hiding in shadows. We’ll find the victims that they don’t want anyone to know about.” 

“That’s easier said than done,” Macey murmured. 

Samantha smiled. “Yes, it is.” Her shoulders rolled in a shrug. “But I think we’re up to the challenge.” 

Tucker didn’t speak. 

“That’s part of our job,” Samantha continued in that mild, calm voice of hers. An oddly soothing voice. “But another part…another part is immediate mobili zation when we think local authorities have uncovered an active serial. At the first hint of serial involvement, a team will immediately deploy to the local area and begin cooperative action with the authorities there.” 

He liked that. Damn straight they needed imme diate action. When it came to serials, the locals were often in way over their heads, and time lost meant lives lost. 

“That brings me to the reason I called this meet ing…” She glanced at the watch on her slender wrist. “At seven p.m. on a Friday night.” She headed toward her laptop and pressed a few buttons. She had a pro jector hooked up and a screen had already lowered from the ceiling. “Agents, we have our first target.” 

And an image appeared on that white screen. Even though he’d prepared for it, Tuck’s whole body tensed. No, hell, no. Not happening. It shouldn’t be happening— “Is she…frozen?” Macey asked.

About the Author:
ward-winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller. Cynthia is also a three-time finalist for the prestigious RITA® award. Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over eighty novels and novellas.

Cynthia lives along the Alabama Gulf Coast. She loves romance novels, horror movies, and chocolate. Her favorite hobbies including hiking in the mountains (searching for waterfalls) and spelunking.

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